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PEI Heritage Collector Cards:

Launched in February 2008, the PEI Heritage Collector Cards are being made available free to school-aged youth who visit the sites of the PEI Museum and those of the Community Museums' Association across the Island. They are also available at the Public Archives and Records Office and at Province House in Charlottetown. The series features 24 protected heritage buildings with an additional 8 cards highlighting architectural styles. Look for the special sign displayed at each Museum site, indicating it is a location where cards can be found.





 1.   Alberton Courthouse

 2.   The Cannery at Basin Head

 3.   Beaconsfield

 4.   Charlottetown City Hall

 5.   Clifton United Church

 6.   D.E. Clarke's General Store

 7.   Doucet House

 8.   Elmira Railway Station

 9.   Fairholm

10.  Garden of the Gulf Museum

11.  Government House

12.  Honourable George Coles Building

13.  J. Angus MacLean Building

14.  Lefurgey Cultural Centre

15.  Matthew and McLean Heritage Building

16.  Orwell Church

17.  Orwell School

18.  Point Prim Lighthouse

19.  Province House

20.  Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead

21.  St. Dunstan's Basilica

22.  Main Building, UPEI

23.  Victoria Community Hall

24.  Yeo House

25.  Customs House

26.  Dalton Hall

27.  The Full House

28.  The Goff House

29.  Kings County Courthouse

30.  P.T. Fanning House

Style Cards:

A - Gothic Revival (Yeo House)

B - Classical Revival (Province House)

C - Vernacular/Local (Victoria Community Hall)

D - Gothic Revival (Orwell Church)

E - Italianate (J. Angus MacLean Building)

F - Romanesque Revival (Charlottetown City Hall)

G - Picturesque (Fairholm)

H - Second Empire (Beaconsfield)

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