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Old Protestant Burying Ground

Heritage Resource (Charlottetown)

  • 260 University Avenue
  • Charlottetown
  • Also called: Charlotte Parish Cemetery
  • Construction Date: 1784
  • Latitude: 46.23988
  • Longitude: -63.13087
  • Place Description
  • Why is this place important?
  • Special Characteristics

Place Description

The Old Protestant Burying Ground is a large, well maintained cemetery located on one of Charlottetown's busiest streets - University Avenue. A number of Charlottetown's earliest inhabitants were interred there and it has become a valuable source of information for historians and genealogists. Dating from 1784, it is one of the oldest cemeteries in Charlottetown. It ceased to be used in the 1870s and became neglected until a restoration project was launched in 1999. The designation encompasses the boundaries of the cemetery grounds.

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